bleached white wooden house frontage

Ushguli village (very weathered wood metal stone)

Ushguli is a series of small hamlets in the Caucasus mountains, in the Upper Svaneti region of Georgia. It’s at the end of the road more or less, and takes a bit of effort to get to. The houses are distinctive, patched up, and very weathered, the paths between them soft with mud and animal dung. In June, in the sun, with flowery meadows, lithe animals, and streams still carrying melt water, it’s very beautiful. Most of the time it’s probably quite a tough place to live, and the many empty and boarded up houses suggest that. There are taxis, a few homestays and a couple of cafe bars, so it’s a good time to visit.

Ushguli photos

These photos are part of bigger set: Georgia (in the Caucasus), road trip, June 2016